Workplace Accident Report Form

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Workplace Accident Report Form

The workplace accident report form is an integral part of any workplace to keep track of any accidents or near-misses that occur at the work place. The workplace accident report form is one of the most important forms to make sure you write correctly. In order to ensure accuracy, here are steps you can take to write a great accident report.

Writing a Great Workplace Incident Report Form

 Tip #1: Use an online form for data storage.

When your incident report template is online versus a hard copy, it makes it easier for you to store the confidential information securely. It also makes it easier for you to add more information, prevent illegible handwriting, and share the incident report with those who need to a copy. Having an online database will help you to keep your files organized and easy to find if there is a need for them again.

Tip #2: Discover the facts

Having all your facts compiled into one location makes completing the report that much easier. Much like a police officer, carrying around a pocket sized notepad is a useful way to jot down the facts before you go and fill out your form. Here are some facts every incident report should include:

Date and time of incident

Location of incident

Names and job titles of all involved

Any witnesses information

What occurred

Environmental condition


Damaged equipment

Tip #3: Clearly define the sequence of events.

It’s easy to get an event jumbled, so spend time clearly defining what happened in an organized and sequential fashion. An organized report will make the life of the human resources department, and anyone else who needs to be involved, much easier. In the case of a law suit or a grievance being filed a clear and detailed account will also come in handy.

Tip #4: Complete the report as soon as possible.

It’s easy to forget details about an incident after it occurs, especially if you wait several hours or days to file it. In order to prevent this file the incident report as soon as possible. Few things are as important as an incident occurring, so it’s okay to push tasks aside to file one. Don’t rush through the report either, as details can be missed that way as well.

Tip #5: Allow someone to review your finished form.

Before you submit your incident report, have someone who was a witness to the event review it. This review is helpful for accuracy and having a second pair of eyes on your incident report template can be a good way to make sure your details read clearly.

The Framest accident report template makes it easy to design the right report for your organization. In addition to design, you’ll be able to easily store your confidential information in a secure data base online. Framestr also has other useful forms such as the accident report form, car accident report form, and an employee evaluation form.

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