Work Order Forms

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Work Order Forms

The work order form is a great way to ask people within your organization to fix something for you. A good work order form allows you to add descriptions about what’s broken, list off the material needed to fix the issue, and any other relevant information. The goal of the work order form is to quickly let your physical plant or maintenance department understand what needs to be done.

When you use the Framestr work order forms you’ll be able to quickly jot down what issue you’re having and send it off to be compiled in an organized location so that your maintenance department can fix it as soon as the have a chance to. The Framestr work order request form is easy to customize to suit your needs. Once you customize your form you’re able to publish it online so every has easy access to it, or print off a hard copy.

Managing Work Orders Effectively

A common issue among companies is the feeling that work orders take forever to be completed. This problem happens everywhere, from universities to big companies. The reality of the situation is that work orders can become a difficult thing to manage when floods of them come in. Maintenance crews work hard to keep track of them and complete them in a timely manner, but many struggle to keep up at no fault of their own.

In order to maintain the best possible work order management, here are a few strategies every maintenance department can enlist to manage work orders more effectively.

Don’t Use Paper – Go Digital: Having an online work order system in place can help you to quickly boost the number of work orders which are completed each week. Having a digital footprint of work orders allows you to compile all your work orders in an organized manner and see when they were submitted. When a work order is completed, mark the task completed.

Fill Out Work Orders, Even For Small Items: Something that can inhibit the effectiveness of your maintenance department is not submitting a work order for something small that’s an easy fix. You may say to a maintenance person in passing that your desk is uneven, instead of completing a work order. This can result in them fixing your desk on the fly, instead of prioritizing more important items first.

Prioritize Maintenance Items: Not all work orders are created equal. Some are much more important than other’s, such as the freezer going down in the cafeteria versus a bit of carpeting sticking up in the corner. While this does have the possibility of upsetting people, an effective work order system must be able to complete work orders in order of importance, not the date they’re sent in. This doesn’t mean that small things should never be fixed, however.

Create a Daily Schedule: A daily work schedule makes life less complicated. If you have different maintenance crews, assign them the more difficult daily maintenance task. The crews with lesser skills should be assigned tasks to fit their level of expertise. This allows for a nice flow to get everything accomplished in the organization. A set daily schedule will create a nice flow so people know when their work order request forms will be completed.

Work Orders Can Help Track Inventory: A great benefit of the work order is the ability to track inventory. When you submit a work order request template you may include materials needed, such as a new computer. This helps your organization to keep track of all expenses.

Use Performance Evaluations: The performance evaluation plays a vital role in making sure everyone is working toward their professional goals and is a valuable asset to a department. By performing consistent performance evaluations, you’ll be able to make sure every maintenance person is the right fit for your organization.

What To Include In Your Work Order Request Form

Writing a detailed work order form is imperative to quickly solving the issue. A greta work order request will tell the maintenance department exactly what’s needed, so they don’t need to make multiple trips to grab tools or supplies. Even if you’re not an expert in maintenance, the more detail you write down, the more helpful the work order will be. Here is some information to always include in your work order.

How and when was the issue discovered?

What caused the issue?

Is the issue causing any problems?

Who found the issue?

Describe the issue in detail.

What’s the level of urgency to get this solved?

What possible materials could fix this?

Does anything need to be bought?

Once you have your detailed work order template completed, your maintenance team will be able to prioritize the issue and fix it accordingly.

Framestr makes customizing your work order request forms easy. All you have to due is type in the fields you want included and within a few clicks your form is set to go. Framestr has a number of great forms you can use for your organization, such as the expense reimbursement report, the request quote form, and a service request form.

Check out Framestr’s sample Work Order Forms  Template:

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