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WordPress Contact Form

The WordPress contact form template is commonly used among many websites as a responsive contact form which is able to be a seamless point of contact between you and your readers or clients. A well-designed contact form can make all the difference between a site that gets no e-mails to one that is inundated with them.

If you want to build a great looking contact form template for your website, then Framestr is the way to do so. Framestr makes it easy for you to design the WordPress contact form plugin of your dreams. Using the Framestr model your contact form will be customized to fit your websites theme and overall design. You’ll be able to build the plugin without having to know any coding such as CSS and installing is as simply as uploading the file to your WordPress site.

Now to talk about design. Design is the most important element of the best WordPress contact forms. The best contact forms are not only sleek, but they’re geared with the idea of capturing as many leads as possible. The more leads you have the more a community you can form, the more you can help readers and customers, and the more you can garner useful feedback.

How to Design A Great Contact Form

Developing a great contact form involves a lot of tweaking to find what works best. To help get you started, here are a few useful tips you can try out when creating your WordPress popup contact form or a WordPress contact form widget.

Tip #1: Research colors.

Certain colors have the ability to elicit certain feelings. While it’s important your contact form flows with the theme on your site and isn’t a sort thumb that’s brown when everything else is pink, it’s a good idea to research what colors would be a good fit for your site and can make people want to use your form. One trick is to have a big ‘submit’ button that’s brightly colored, such as a red, that will make people want to click it.

Tip #2: Avoid unnecessary contact form fields.

A common problem among contact forms is unnecessary information. No one enjoys filling out a contact form that’s ten fields long. Keep your contact form as simple as possible by only asking for information that you need. The most efficient contact forms are those which only ask for an e-mail address and include a field to write the inquiry.

Though asking for a first name may be useful for address the recipient. Asking for information such as a phone number is often off-putting, resulting in fewer people wanting to inquire about something.

Tip #3: Explain that you want people to contact you.

Having a small explanation that you want people to contact you can help to increase inquiries. People want to know they’re not going to be bothering you with an e-mail inquiry. They may think you’re too busy to answer your e-mails and that their small question isn’t important. Let them know that it is important and you’ll respond to it quickly.

Tip #4: Ask users to subscribe to you.

While it’s typically a good idea to reduce as much friction as possible on a contact form template, having a small section at the bottom where people can subscribe to your e-mail list can be a simply way to boost subscriptions.

You can either automatically check the box so they have to manually uncheck it or vice versa. The least invasive way to do this may be to leave the subscription box automatically unchecked, thus reducing overall friction and only capturing leads for people who want on your list.

Tip #5: Utilize ‘social proof’.

The idea of ‘social proof’ is a simple one. Let users see who you are to tell them you’re a person that exists who will answer their e-mails. People want to know who they’re talking to. You can create social proof by placing a photo of yourself in the contact form, or on the side of it, with a small ‘about me’ section. This helps validate you. Feel free to make it fun or professional, depending on your website’s reputation.

The Benefits of a Well-Designed Contact Form

A well-designed contact form can be all the difference on your website and help you to significantly boost inquiries. Here are a few of the benefits you may enjoy from a well-crafted form.

More Useful Feedback: What’s great about the contact form is you can get feedback from users without ever asking for it. People will e-mail to let you know what they love about your service, what they have questions about, and what they dislike. You can use this free information to improve your website and gain more users.

Build a Community: An active online community needs to be fostered by a ring-leader (i.e. the person running the site). In order to start this community it helps when you can always be in contact with those who use your site. When the people on your site feel they know you as a person they’re more likely to stick around. Take this opportunity to get them talking with each other.

Assist Customers: Helping your customer’s can be a great feeling. When you have a great WordPress contact form template you’ll be able to assist more people than ever.

When you use Framestr to create your next WordPress contact form plugin, you’ll be able to design the perfect contact form template for your website. No coding knowledge is needed. You can create your form in a few simple clicks and quickly upload it to your website. You’ll receive more inquiries than ever before.

Check out Framestr’s sample WordPress Contact Form Template:

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