Using Online Forms to Automate Workflows

Publish: April 3, 2017 by framestr

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Regardless of the organization you work for, there will always be an overabundance of internal processes to handle. From employee procurement, managing customer data to reviewing projects and internal requests, you’ve got so much to do on a daily basis. And given the amount of effort, attention and focus put into executing these tasks efficiently, things can easily get overwhelming.

And things don’t get any easier given the copious amount of paper work and emails to be sent throughout the day. This is right where workflow automation tools come to your rescue. The world of online form software has helped a myriad of businesses in process workflow automations. Workflow automation has helped any managers to work more efficiently and accomplish more tasks per day than ever before!

The versatility of Framestr makes it one of the most efficient workflow automation tools available in the market today. It can be integrated with third party apps such as Asana, Slack, CRM, and Email marketing software such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. You can send tons of data through emails and other CRM tools without worrying even a bit about data redundancy. And then there’s the option to automate certain processes, such as auto responder, automated email communication through calendar integration.

What makes Framestr so dependable is that it also lets you communicate easily and execute the daily processes without the hassle of sending numerous emails. Just one tool will make it super easy for you to mention all the updates and tasks of the day. One form with field validation can assign a task, mark it as complete and then put in queue for auditing. And when everything is done right, the task is set completed. So, no more incessant volleys of emails to get the tasks done, everything is streamlined and time effective.

Another important factor that makes Framestr so cool is its impeccable data security. When you’re working through internal processes, you’re sharing and reviewing a lot of sensitive data. Framestr ensures that important information only goes to a select group of people. Added security features like 256-Bit SSL, data encryption, password protection, and CAPTCHA further make sure that your data remains secure throughout the approval process.

Framestr helps businesses organize data and automate processes. With integrations and form management tools, your team can save up to 10 hours / week in redundancies. Time is the most important asset and thus, you’ve got to save it as much as possible. Framestr is here to help you become more organized, efficient and productive. Click here to get started.

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