Travel Expense Report Form

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Travel Expense Report Form

Keeping track of your employee’s travel expenses is helpful when it comes tax time and you’re adding up the deductibles that can save your company thousands of dollars. The travel expense report form will keep track of hotel stays, food, and transportation expenses among other things to keep your financials in line. This form is just as important as an expense reimbursement report or a mileage reimbursement form.

If you’re a big organization which travels a lot, your travel expense form may be a long and detailed document that takes an accountant to sort through. If you’re a smaller outfit you may only need the most basic travel expense report to keep everything squared away. No matter how big of a travel expense report template you need, Framestr is here to help you develop one.

Framestr makes it easy to customize their travel reimbursement form to fit all of your needs. You’ll be able to add any field into the travel expense form template, making sure every detail is accounted for. You can publish your template online on your website so each department has access to it or print off a hard copy.

A hot topic among business travels is something known as ‘travel expense etiquette’. This is the idea of when it’s okay to bill the company and when it’s not. If you’re wondering about travel expense etiquette, here are a few examples.

Understanding Travel Expense Etiquette

Tip #1: Don’t be too cheap.

On the company dollar it’s important to not nickel and dime the organization which is paying for your livelihood. If you want to grab a coffee or another small item you can technically add it to company expenses, but you probably shouldn’t. Asking for a reimbursement on something you would normally buy for yourself while on your way to work shouldn’t be an item you charge the company for. This may make you seem cheap.

Tip #2: Grab and save the receipt.

Proof of funds is important to keep the company books in good standing. Always make sure to grab your receipt when making a purchase that the company will be paying for. This also helps you in the case that they ask you to back up your claim of an expense. This makes employer’s feel more comfortable about sending you on a business trip too. Without evidence of a purchase your reimbursement may be denied.

Tip #3: Don’t go overboard.

When you take advantage of your company and eat out at the most expensive restaurants and stay at luxurious hotels, it puts a bad taste in their mouth. Your bosses will feel uncomfortable having you go out on the next trip because instead of only costing them a reasonable $500, you’re charging for $850. That’s not cool.

Tip #4: Watch how other’s travel.

The best way to learn about best practices is to watch how other people in your company travel. It all depends on how relaxed your company is. If everyone stays at luxurious hotels or is encouraged to splurge one night on a nice meal, then you’re free to do so. When you’re confused or unsure about something ask questions.

When your company sends someone off on a trip, you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that every expense can be easily tracked in detail. When it comes time to reimburse your employee you’ll be able to scan through the data in a timely manner. Framestr makes it easy to create the form that’s perfect for your organization.

Check out Framestr’s sample Travel Expense Report Form Template:

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Travel Expense Report Form
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