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Student satisfaction survey form template

The student satisfaction form is an integral part of every school or college to help gage how effective teaching methods are, student happiness on campus, and a number of other useful factors. Having a strong understanding of how satisfied students are can help you to gain valuable feedback to increase student retention as well as recruit more students in the future.

When you use Framestr you’ll be able to know more about your student body than ever before. Framestr makes it easy to gage their interest through their student satisfaction survey. You’ll be able to fully customize your satisfaction survey questions, too, allowing for you to create the survey that’s right for your students.

Once your survey is finished, you can upload the template online where students can fill it out. If you prefer to hand out surveys in classrooms you can print off hard copies as well. Once your student satisfaction surveys are submitted, you’ll be able to compile them all in one organized location to keep their confidential information secure.

If you’re looking for ways to entice students to give feedback for your surveys, here are a few tips.

Tip #1: Offer a free coffee.

Giving your students a free coffee from the campus cafe is a great way to get students involved. Every student needs a pipping hot cup of joe to help them get through the day.

Tip #2: Give a pizza party.

When your students complete their survey e-mail them a ticket they can print off to attend an on-campus pizza party. This is a fun way to bring the student body together and get feedback which can improve your university. We all know how much college students love free pizza.

Tip #3: Tell students it’s anonymous.

Many students may feel uncomfortable offering they feedback if they fear repercussions from the survey. Tell your students the survey is completely anonymous and no one will know who submitted their answers.

Framestr is the perfect fit to help you craft detailed surveys which provide you the feedback you need. Framestr also has scholarship application forms, school admission forms, and grant application forms.

Check out Framestr’s sample Student Satisfaction Survey Form Template:

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Student Satisfaction Form Template
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