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Sponsorship Form

If you’re an organization that offers a sponsorship or you’re applying for one, the Framestr sponsorship form is perfect to assist you. Sponsorship’s are a growing trend among ever rising event fees and are becoming a must-have for people across the country who are in need of funding .

The Framestr sponsorship form is an easy template for you to adjust and customize to fit your organizations needs. You can create your template in a few clicks and then publish it online. Once published you can store your submitted forms in a centralized database to keep your confidential information secure. Test out this free sample template today!

Writing A Winning Sponsorship Essay

If you’re completing a sponsorship form in order to raise funds for an event, the whole process can be a little intimidating. Here are a few tips to help you win the sponsorship you want.

Tip #1: Research every possible sponsor.

There are thousands of sponsorships out there, but most of them are specific about who can apply. Your local college, government, non-profits, and other organizations all have sponsorships you can apply for. This can be mind-boggling at first, but pay attention to what you can qualify for. You may only find half a dozen that work well for your major and interests. Once you have the sponsorships listed which you can apply for, it’s time to start writing that essay.

Tip #2: Develop an outline.

Take form of your ideas by using an outline. It’s hard to stare at a blank sponsorship form and know what to put, so start by writing out all the topics you want to discuss. Once you have an outline attacking your sponsorship form becomes a much simpler task.

Tip #3: Write an opening sentence that hooks the audience.

You want to hook the governing body that judges the sponsorship competition. The way to do this is to write an exciting first sentence. Don’t start something by simply stating that you want the sponsorship or by saying who you are. You should focus on creating a first line that reads like a great first chapter of a book. Once your judges are hooked, they’ll be pulled into your essay.

Tip #4: Discussing your passion helps you stand out.

Sponsorship judges love to see someone who is passionate about their field of study. Show your passion for your event by giving examples of what you’ve done in the past and what you’ve taken from those experiences. Does your field make you feel a certain way? If you can show your passion to the judges you’ll stand out among the crowd.

Tip #5: Always review your sponsorship form.

Reviewing your sponsorship form will help get you to see any mistakes you’ve made and where you can improve your sponsorship form. To improve the form, show what you’ve written to your peers. Collect their feedback and makes adjustments so you can win that funding!

Framestr is here to help you draft the perfect sponsorship form in a few simple clicks. You’ll be able to use this form online or print off a hard copy. If you’re a governing body who wants to sponsor events, athletes, or anything else, this sponsorship form is easy to publish on your website. Framestr also has other great business forms such as the travel expense report and you can even create a form from scratch.

Check out Framestr’s sample Sponsorship Form Template:


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