Sign-up Sheet Template

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Sign-up Sheet Template

If you’re the ring-leader of an event, the sign-up sheet is your tool to gage how many people are coming, what everyone is bringing, and provides you contact information in case there’s some kind of hiccup. The ring-leader is a busy person, but that doesn’t mean the sign-up sheet needs to be a complicated task.

When you use Framestr you’ll be able to easily craft the perfect sign-up sheet for your event. The template is fully customizable and can be posted on your website, making collecting sign-ups a breeze. Framestr also has other useful forms you may consider such as registration forms and conference registration forms.

If you’re trying to make your event as big as possible, one way to do so is through making the sign-up sheet a lead capturing machine.

How to Capture Leads Using Your Sign-Up Sheet Template

Tip #1: Post your sign-up sheet online.

When you post your sign-up sheet online you can easily e-mail it to people who you know are interested in attending your event. The online form makes it easy for everyone to access the document and see whose coming and whose bringing what so two people don’t bring the same thing.

Tip #2: Let people share it.

Letting people share your sign-up sheet template will be a big help to secure more leads than ever before. post your sign-up sheet online and have a widget so people can share the form with their friends on social media.

Tip #3: Start a competition.

Launching a competition can be a fun way to get more people involved with your event. Let’s say you want to run a webinar on your website. So you create a fun game with your community. Everyone who shares your link and can bring in a friend to join enters into a drawing for a free product you offer or a gift card to Amazon.

This is a fun and exciting way to get your community pumped up for an event while spreading your brand awareness and event participating. You can launch a number of competitions outside of sweepstakes too, such as everyone who shares your event information gets a free cup of coffee or perk.

Tip #4:  Make it simple to fill out.

Not every strategy to capture more leads has to be a big ordeal though such as a competition. Sometimes it comes down to simple steps you take that will have a huge impact. One of those steps is making your form as simple as possible. This includes using clear and straight forward language. The more people have to read, the less likely they are to fill out your form.

Keeping your form as short as possible will also have a great effect. People often get tired of forms and develop form fatigue from filling out long forms. Keep your sign-up sheet template as short as possible to optimize lead generation.

Tip #5: Only ask for necessary information.

One trick with forms is to only ever ask for necessary information. If you don’t need someone’s phone number don’t ask for it. This may cause people to feel uncomfortable unless they know you really well as it may feel like an invasion of privacy. Keep the information you on this sample template as basic as possible If you ask for too much information you may lose respondents.

Things To Consider Adding To Your Sign-Up Sheet

You never want to craft a sign-up sheet and then publish it only to realize later you’re missing something vital and it’s too late to try and recollect that lost information. In order to avoid this, here are a few things to make note of so you don’t forget them.

First and Last Name

Phone Number

What Someone Will Bring


Date and Time


Designing your perfect sign-up sheet can be made an easy process by using Framestr’s free template. Their template is quick to create with a few simple clicks. Post your form online on your website and e-mail it out to all your participants. If you have multiple sign-up sheets you can compile them in one location to quickly analyze all your collected data.

Check out Framestr’s sample Sign-up Sheet Template: 

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