School Admission Form

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School Admission Form

Receive applications faster than ever using this school admission form. You’ll be able to quickly develop the school application form you desire using this free sample template. The application process for students and parents will be made simple by using Framestr templates for your school, such as the grant application form, scholarship application form, and the student self evaluation form.

In order to create an effective school admission form, here are a few tips to consider before crafting your schools new admission form.

Tip #1: Use clear language.

Students may become confused by long questions or asking multiple questions in one text field. Keep things simple by using clear and easy to understand language to reduce the amount of wrongly answered questions.

Tip #2: Upload a copy online.

Post a copy of your schools admission form in a noticeable spot on your website. Making students dig for an application may cause them to decide not to apply to your school. During the application process students often list off dozens of school’s they’re interested in and may quickly toss one to the side if they can’t locate an application.

Tip #3: Keep it updated.

Things change over the school years and new trends take place among schools. Stay up to date by continually tweaking and updating your school’s admission form as the times change to ensure that your applicants don’t become confused while applying. You can always update your admission forms on Framestr.

When you use Framestr you’ll be able to easily adjust the form to fit your specifications. The form can then be upload to your website for download and to be submitted. Hard copies can also be printed off if needed. Once your forms are submitted, store them online in a centralized data base. You’ll be able to quickly scan through applications, making for a seamless process.

Check out Framestr’s sample School Admission Form Template: 

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School Admission Form
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