Scholarship Application Form

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Scholarship Application Form

Completing a scholarship application form successfully is the first step to winning the funds you desire to help you with school. Using a sample scholarship application form you’ll be on your way to winning over the minds of scholarship boards through your professionalism. The formatting of your scholarship application form template can play a role in helping you to secure the funds you need.

When you use the Framestr to create a scholarship application form you’ll have completed your first step of the application process. Framestr makes it easy to adjust the simple scholarship application form to fit your scholarship’s needs. Framestr also has other templates outside of the scholarship application template, such as the grant application form, school admission form, and the student self evaluation form.

Writing Your Winning Scholarship Application

Writing a winning scholarship application form is no simple task. It takes strategy. Before you fill out any scholarship application forms, be sure to consider these tips.

Tip #1: Fit the theme.

The thing with scholarships is, there’s a million of them. Each one has a specific purpose. When you scour the internet and see thousands of scholarships there’s a good chance you’re only going to apply for a handful of them. It’s important to make sure you check all the boxes for the scholarships you’re applying for. If you’re just ‘shooting in the dark’ then you’ll end up wasting your time.

Tip #2: Start with an outline.

When you stare at a blank scholarship application template you may be intimidated and struggle to put down the first few words. The trick to getting over this mental blockage is to create an outline. Write down your headers and decide roughly how many words you want to be in each section. Look online at other winning scholarships and base your outline off theirs. This will give you great structure and impress the judges.

Tip #3: Show your personality.

Judges love to see personality in a template. They read hundreds – if not thousands – of scholarship essays and would probably love a bit of excitement in the mix. This helps you to stand out. When you show a professional version of your personality, such as why you’re interested in your career, you’re giving them a good reason to give you the scholarship. Judges love knowing the person they’re giving the scholarship too will use it to reach their intrinsic motivations.

Tip #4: Plan far in advance.

While you can write up a scholarship essay in thirty minutes and win it, you’ll have a better chance to win when you plan ahead. Take a three week stretch of time to begin laying out your application. Write an outline and then fill in a rough draft. Run it through few revisions. Now take it to your classmates and professors to give you edits and feedback. Write the final draft and you’re all set!

Tip #5: Capture readers a the start.

If you’ve ever taken a creative writing class you know the importance of starting off with a great first sentence. You want a hook that catches the reader and pulls them into your essay. Spend time writing multiple starting sentences. You shouldn’t say something like “I want this scholarship because…” say something that tells them about your personality and passion.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Scholarship Applications

There are plenty of do’s and don’ts during the application process. Here are a few to consider before submitting your scholarship application template.

Do: Provide personal thoughts

Scholarship judges want to know how you think. They will love hearing about your personal thoughts, your goals, your world view. This is how they can judge who deserves to win their scholarship or not. Make sure to voice your thoughts so they can get a good grasp of your personality and fortitude.

Don’t: Reuse an essay

Reusing an essay will be obvious to your governing body. You can reuse sections, but never an entire essay. Always strive to make every essay unique to the scholarship you’re applying for. Make sure to mention the scholarships name throughout the essay and make points in regard to the organization whose giving out the scholarship.

Do: Be organized

Staying organized during the scholarship application process will keep you sane and make applying easier. Create a scholarship folder for every application you file, so all your documents you need are in one location and nothing else. This will also make sure you don’t accidentally send the wrong application in!

Don’t: Write too much

When you write too much in your essay you can muddle the most important details with unnecessary ones. Your goal should be to keep all your details concise. Write clearly and let each accomplishment rest in one sentence – two sentences at most.

Writing a winning scholarship application is all about hard work. Spending time to revise your essays and plan out what you’ll say is important. When you use Framestr you can easily craft the template you need to win that scholarship!

Check out Framestr’s sample Scholarship Application Form Template:

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