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Request Quote Form

The request for quote form template is a great way for your organization to share information with customers about pricing and specifications for a project. Framestr offers a number of request form templates such as feature request forms, change request forms, and donation request forms to fit all your request form template needs.

cDeveloping an effective request quote form is imperative for assuring clarity between client and organization. If you want to create an effective template, check out these tips.

Developing an Effective Request Quote Form

Tip #1: Post it in an easy-to-find location.

Your request quote form should be easy for your clients to find on your website. This will allow them to easily fill it out and submit it. Many templates can be embedded directly into your website, making it simple for your clients to fill out the form and submit it.  If you run an office space somewhere you can print the Framestr to have hard copies available for customers to walk in and complete. Once the form is submitted you’ll be able to give them a quote or complete a consultation.

Tip #2: Ask the right questions.

Analyze what information will be key to successfully completing a project. Once you have these in place you can put them all on your form so you’re getting the right information the first time around. Getting all of the specifications is key to being able to give an accurate price quote. Clients hate when a quote is given and a different price is then asked.

Tip #3: Get a few types of contact information.

Something can always happen where people become difficult to contact. This could be due to loss of an e-mail password, phone number change, et cetera. To ensure that you’re able to contact your client with a quote ask for two types of contact information, such as an e-mail and a phone number. Choose one to be the primary form of contact and the other as the backup. This will create fewer missed contacts.

Tip #4: Ask for specific needs.

Many of your clients may end up needing something specific done on their request which will cost more. Make sure to include a field for them to ask for personal customizations. You can make this form however you feel is best fit for your organization.

Tip #5: Document field.

The document field is there for the client to upload any documents that are useful to helping you suggest the right quote for them. When they’re able to upload important files you’ll be able to more accurately and quickly offer a quote for their project.

How to Properly Complete a Request Quote Form

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you’re looking to complete a request quote form for a project you’d like done, then being able to comprehensively fill one out will be valuable to both you and the organization. Here are some tips to take into consideration.

Tip #1: Be clear and concise.

Take the proper time to fill out your form clearly and concisely. You want the organization to be able to easily read through your request for a quote form and give you an accurate dollar amount. Staying concise will help to avoid a flood of unnecessary details, allowing them to more easily assess your situation.

Tip #2: Include multiple ways to contact you.

You never know when there will be a missed connection, so offer the organization a few ways to contact you to get in touch. Most quote form templates will have these fields included, such as an e-mail and a phone number, but if not add it to the bottom of the project description field.

Tip #3: Review before you submit.

Before you submit your price quote form fully review it in order to make sure all the fields are completed and your information is accurate.

When you use the Framestr quote form templates you’ll be able to easily craft the quote request form your organization needs. The Framestr Request for quote form template is free for you to use and download. Upload it online, print hard copies, and use it to communicate seamlessly between your organization and clients.

Check out Framestr’s sample Request Quote Form Template:


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