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PTO request form

The personal time off request form is an integral part of every organization. You never know when an employee needs to take time off for an appointment, a sick child, or another issues. It’s always a good idea to have these forms ready. Thankfully, Framestr has everything you need to create an easy-to-use PTO request form.

Framestr makes their PTO request form templates to be fully adaptable. This means that you can adjust the form to fit your needs. If you need a section in your form that isn’t already there, you can create one. If there’s one you don’t need, you can remove it. If you want some tips to get the most of your PTO request form sample, here are a few tips you can enlist.

Writing an Effective PTO request form

Tip #1: Make it online.

Having an online form makes like easy. When you have an online form your employees will be able to go to one location, complete the form, and instantly send it to you. The form can always be printed into a hard copy if you need something physical, too. When you have an online form you can store it in a secure location to keep confidential information safe. Having a form online also helps you to scan and analyze data, since it’s all in one centralized location.

Tip #2: Have an ‘employee information’ section.

The ‘employee information’ section of the form serves to give you all the background information you need to know who is completing the form. This section of the form will include the employee’s name, the date the form was completed, how many days are being requested off, as well as the start and end dates. Lastly you will want a return date. This gives you a brief summary to help you make your approval or denial of the request.

Tip #3: Then make a ‘type of request’ section.

The type of request section helps you to categorize why this person wants time off, allowing you to decide if the time off is appropriate. This section typically includes reasons such as vacation, family emergency, medical leave, and even rarer instances such as jury duty or time off to vote. Don’t forget to add an ‘other’ option in case something funky comes up that’s not listed.

Tip #4: After have a ‘comments’ section.

The comments section is another key part of the paid time off request form. This area allows your employee’s to state why they need this time off in a more detailed fashion.

Tip #5: Add a signature.

For official purposes, make sure your employees sign this documents. If you are using an online form, you can still have them complete an online signature using a product such as Adobe to draft the signature.

Benefits of a PTO request form

There are a few useful benefits to the PTO request form that you should know about if you’re on the fence about having one.

Stay informed: The PTO donation request form keeps you and your employees informed about when people are on vacation, sick leave, or out to vote. You’ll be able to compile all of this information in one centralized data base online to keep track of whose suppose to be in the office and whose out and about.

Help schedule: The PTO request form will be there to help you schedule your employee’s easier, ensuring there are not miscommunications.

Track time off: The forms can help you save money, too. If you fire someone and they have paid time off, you need to pay for that. Tracking used paid time off will save you money if you fire someone who tries to claim more than they have.

When you use Framestr you’ll be able to create a fully customizable personal request form to suit your organizations needs. Framestr also has other great forms, such as self evaluation forms, employee evaluation forms, and an employee benefits survey.

Check out Framestr’s sample PTO Request Form Template:

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