Professional Development Evaluation Form

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performance development evaluation form

The professional development evaluation form stands to help you create individualized professional development plans for all of your employees. The professional development plans helps you to boost employee performance through goal setting, training plans, and giving feedback.

When you’re creating a professional development plan, here are a few things to consider.

Creating an Effective Professional Development Plan

 Tip #1: Guide learning.

Helping our employee’s learn about their job roles, and how they can operate more effectively, is a key aspect of professional development. As a manager you want to guide your employee’s learning through training. Having a consistent training schedule helps foster your employees growth and boost performance.

Tip #2: Allow your employee’s choices.

Having structure during your professional development training plan is beneficial to you and your employees, but you can still offer them choices. Give them choices wherever you can, such as where and how they conduct their training, the benefits they receive for undergoing more training, and who people can partner with while in training. This will make them happy campers while they attend the rigors of training.

Tip #3: Give actionable advice.

During the training process you want to give actionable advice. You want to give advice people can use the minute they walk out of your training session and begin working again. By giving people actionable advice they may be more likely to remember it and put it into practice. To make advice actionable, give them step by step guidelines on how to accomplish your advice.

Tip #4: Focus on timing.

The timing of your training makes a difference. If you’re giving your training sessions outside of normal work hours, then make sure it’s at a well thought out time. People have lives outside work. Don’t choose to make the meeting right after work if you have parents who need to pick their kids up.

Tip #5: Receive feedback.

Once your training session is complete, ask for feedback from your employee’s. This will help you to improve your training sessions by making it more entertaining and adding clarity to areas where employee’s may be confused. One way to elicit useful feedback is through a survey template.

Download the free sample template today for a professional development evaluation form. This professional development evaluation form is created by Framestr to suit all your evaluation needs. The sample template is fully customizable, too, allowing you to make it fit perfectly within your organization. Store all your forms online, so you can secure your confidential information in one centralized database.

Check out Framestr’s sample Professional Development Evaluation Form Template:

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