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The peer review is one of the most important elements of research. A peer review form helps us to clearly state the research we’ve conducted and how it lines up with currency research. Without the peer review template we’d be at a loss for being unable to verify scientific experiments, resulting in less dialogue between scientists and academics.

The Framestr peer evaluation forms are here for you to download and customize to your exact specifications. It’s easy to adapt the form to fit your needs. You can also use the form online, allowing you to safely and securing store your peer review template in one centralized location. This helps you to stay organized and keep your forms confidential. Framestr also has group evaluation forms and intern evaluation forms.

Tips on Using Your Peer Review Template

Getting the most out of your peer review form will help the person your reviewing gain useful feedback. Here are some tips to allow you to do just that.

Tip #1: Be helpful.

The goal of the peer review is to be helpful. You don’t want the person you’re reviewing to not be able to gain any useful information out of your review. Make sure you’re helping them to create somewhat of a roadmap to go forward with in order to improve their work.

Tip #2: Be timely.

If you’re invited to review a piece for a journal, then there is likely a due date on the invitation. Review this and make sure to complete your review by that date.

Tip #3: Don’t be brutal.

There’s no need to be brutal during the peer review process, even if it turns out that someone’s research is completely off. You can correct, of course, but stay empathetic toward whoever you’re reviewing.

Tip #4: Note the major, medium, and minor revisions.

Not all revisions are made the same. Take care to note which revisions are big revisions, medium, and minor. This will help the researcher to make edits to their work in a structured manner.

Tip #5: Review structure and language.

Lastly, you want to look over the structure of the piece and how they have written it. Check for errors and review how well it fits into the journal it’s been submitted to. It’s also important to make notes about what can be written clearer.

The peer review template is is a key part of the scientific method. When you download the Framestr peer review template you’ll be able to easily adapt the form to fit yours needs. Store your information neatly and safely in an online database, or print off a hard copy. This form was developed with you in mind.

Check out Framestr’s sample Peer Review Template Form:

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Peer Review Template Form
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