Lead Capture Forms

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Lead Capture Forms

Having a lead capture form could potentially shorten your sales cycle. Capturing all relevant information about your leads during a sales call or survey makes it easier for the sales team to close the deal. With the right questions, the sales process becomes significantly smoother and equally efficient. The characteristics of a practical form are one that gathers information that determines of a lead is the right fit for your company.


There’s only so much information you can get in during a call. It helps send more content pertinent to their decision making as you take them down the sales funnel. Asking for an email may sound obvious, but it is critical given it is the point of contact with the lead.


Asking about someone’s job title or their role in the company further qualifies a lead. If you’re selling to individuals, you’re able to know what angle to approach a person from should your product or service is relevant to them. If you’re looking to sell to corporates, having their job title helps you gauge their level of influence in their organization. With this information, you’ll know the best way forward.

Number of employees

Following from the previous point, a quick way to know if a company can afford your services is how many people make up the workforce. If they’re a staff of four including the founder, then it’s likely they cannot afford services beyond a certain price point. A larger company with over 100 employees is expected to come close.

Company details

Here, ask for the company’s name, industry and website so you can brush up on your homework before initiating the next communication. Knowing the industry they work in is essential. An entity dealing with CDA tax won’t require health care equipment- it saves you the time and narrows down the perspectives. Should they be a fit, you’re able to personalize your offers; anyone reading the email is likely to respond better when they see someone took the time to learn more about them.

Biggest Challenge

Asking this question is an excellent way of learning more about your audience needs. If most of your leads have the same challenges, you’re able to tailor your message better. Your marketing material and operations will be unified and geared toward providing a solution. Most people like to feel heard, so part of asking this question is a technique to build trust and rapport with your lead.

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