Introductory Period HR Form

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introductory period HR form

The introductory period for an employee is a key stage in their development within the company. This period allows HR staff to evaluate each new employee with an introductory period HR form to see how well they fit within a given role as well as ways to boost performance. If you’re in need of a few tips on how to complete this form effectively, here are some strategies you can use.

Tip #1: Provide them an opportunity to ask questions.

A common issue among new employees is that they fear asking questions. This often stems from them not wanting to appear like they aren’t a good fit for the company or that they aren’t smart. Allow them a chance to ask any questions they have during this introductory evaluation. This can help to put them at ease and finally ask questions they’ve been curious about since arriving.

Tip #2: Less performance evaluation, more thought leadership.

Early evaluation meetings shouldn’t necessarily be about the positives and negatives of someone’s performance, but about how they can be work to find their own groove within an organization. Let this meeting be an open canvas for a conversation about the most effective way to do their job.

Tip #3: Utilize the introductory period HR form.

It’s still useful to complete and introductory period HR form, however. This form allows you to gage their performance at the organization thus far to keep a track record for future use.

Tip #4: Check to make sure they’re in the right role.

Is your new employee performing like you had expected in this role? Are they performing as well as others have in the past when starting this position? Make sure to take note of this and give them a performance rating. They may be best fit for another position in the organization or not a fit whatsoever.

When you download the free sample template of this introductory evaluation period HR form, you’ll be able to easily adjust the form to suit your needs. Your confidential feedback can be stored securely in an online database and shared with anyone within your organization. The Framestr online templates make creating new forms a breeze.

Check out Framestr’s sample Introductory Period HR Form Template:

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