Intern Evaluation Form

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Intern Evaluation Form

When you’re deciding to bring an intern onto your full-time staff, you’ll probably want an intern evaluation form. The intern evaluation form needs to be able to carefully evaluate your intern, while also providing them useful feedback to boost performance. The intern evaluation form works the same as group evaluation forms, peer evaluation forms, and other evaluation form templates.

Evaluating an intern is more about just the template though, here are a few tips to provide your interns effective feedback.

How to Effectively Evaluate An Intern

Having an effective intern evaluation policy in place can make the evaluation process run smoothly and provides the most benefit to the intern as well as the organization.

Tip #1: Evaluate halfway through the internship.

The best evaluation are those done midway through the internship. At this point, you’ll have a clear grasp on the type of worker they are, including their strengths and weaknesses. It’s at this time that you can share this key information with them, so they can put their new feedback in place to practice.

Tip #2: Open a dialogue.

Making your evaluation meeting an open dialogue will allow the intern to ask questions about their performance and discuss ideas on how they can improve. Rather than simply reading them their intern evaluation form, this method can inspire more productive change.

Tip #3: Do a end of the year review.

The end of the year evaluation is to give your interns a few final pointers on what they can improve, as well as telling them what they performed well. End this meeting on a good note to promote good will and instill confident in them as they enter into the workplace.

When you download the sample intern evaluation form from Framestr, you’ll be able to customize the form to fir your organizations’ needs. The online form allows you to create a data base to securely store your confident reports and helps you to easily analyze the feedback you’ve collected on them.

Check out Framestr’s sample Intern Evaluation Form Template:

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