Slack Form Software Integration

Connect Framestr to Slack, receive form submissions directly to a Slack channel or DM.

As your business grows and your leads come rolling in, it becomes increasingly imported to automate workflow and eliminate bottlenecks. We get it. Keeping track of your form submissions can be tough, especially when you’re gathering new leads for your marketing campaign or compiling important information for projects, initiatives, and events.

With our Framestr Online Forms + Slack app integration you can connect all your forms to Slack and receive notifications when a new lead comes in.

With the Framestr + Slack integration, leads can:

  • Be sent to a designated team member channel or slack bot.
  • Be sent to specific team members looping them into workflow.
  • Be discussed among team members and increase team productivity.

How It Works


Quickly build mobile-friendly  forms with Framestr’s intuitive online form builder. Easy drag and drop lets you add in fields and create a ready-to-go form in minutes.


Turn on the integration by logging into Slack within the Framestr app. You can then automatically send form submissions to channels or direct messages.


Allow your team to see new form submissions in real-time, discuss sales strategy or next steps of handling the submission all within your current Slack workflow.

To learn more about the Slack integration, please read this Help article.

Ready to get started?

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