Salesforce Form Integration

Seamlessly track and manage leads with Framestr’s Salesforce integration.

Combine the power of one of the largest CRM systems in the market with Framestr’s easy-to-use form builder. With Framestr’s integration, you can connect powerful forms to your Salesforce account to improve your lead generation, reduce spam, and seamlessly manage contacts throughout the sales process.

With Framestr’s salesforce form integration, you can:
  • Pass new lead information to Salesforce.
  • Auto-update existing records.
  • Attach more than one object to a single form submission.
  • Add file uploads to your Salesforce records.
  • Create multiples of the same Salesforce object (multiple leads, contacts, file attachments, etc).
What You Need

How It Works


Quickly build mobile-friendly Salesforce forms with Framestr’s intuitive builder. Easy drag and drop lets you add in fields and create a ready-to-go form in minutes.


Integrate Framestr with Salesforce by logging into your Salesforce account within the Framestr app. You’ll need your username, password, and security token for access.


Quickly collect new email subscribers and update current contacts. Work together to manage your sales, marketing, customer service, and more in one central location.

To learn more about the Salesforce integration, please read this Help article.

Ready to get started?

Salesforce is a premium integration and available on all paid plans.