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The evaluation process is an important aspect of improving both individuals and groups performance. The feedback the group receives can be used to create professional development plans, discuss positives and negatives of past performance, and develop goals for the future.

When you use the Framestr group evaluation form for your organization you’ll be able to adapt the form to suit your needs. The form is fully comprehensive, adaptable, and can securely store confidential information. Framestr also offers other evaluation forms such as the evaluation form template and the intern evaluation form.

What to Consider While Performing a Group Evaluation

Performing group evaluations are unique since you’re not focusing on only one individual’s performance. This can create a challenge as everyone works at different speeds and is capable of accomplishing different tasks. Here are a few tips you can use to make effective group evaluations.

Tip #1: Break it down.

There’s a lot of information to cover during a group evaluation, so begin by breaking it down into individual evaluations. These individual evaluations will not typically be as extensive as a peer evaluation form, but will focus on the role this person plays and how it affects the performance of the group as a whole. Assess what job each individual has and make sure that, based off their performance, they are in the right role.

Tip #2: Assess the process.

Reviewing the process of the group can serve to foster productivity. Perhaps there’s something they’re doing thats inefficient or not worth while in the long run. Tweaking the process of how the group works can make a big difference.

Tip #3: Create an open dialogue.

Evaluations can be most effective when the group is able to discuss their goals and process with the evaluator, rather than the evaluator being the only one to speak. This helps to inspire more ideas within the group on how they can improve their methods.

Boost group performance using the Framestr group evaluation form template. The Framestr template makes it easy to provide helpful feedback to groups within your organization.

Check out Framestr’s sample Group Evaluation Form Template:

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