Form Analytics

Advanced Analytics and Conversion Tracking

Framestr forms help businesses make data driven decisions. When logging into your dashboard, the first thing you’ll notice is the ease of data presented immediately. By default, Framestr provides daily summary statistics, including: Unique Views, New Submissions, Conversion Rate and Total Submissions (lifetime). In addition, a 30-day chart provides a quick visual to unique views, number of leads and conversion rate over the period.

In addition to standard analytics, we also provide A/B testing (on paid plans) that allow you to determine the most effective forms and which are converting the highest.

To access even deeper form analytics, activate our Google Analytics integration. Google Analytics is the industry standard for web tracking.

How might you optimize your form—and your website—if you knew more about potential customers? Tracking your form allows you to learn more about your users. For example:

  • Where do your users come from on the web?
  • How long are people on your site?
  • Which keywords and search terms are leading to more form traffic?
  • What do users do on your site?
  • How much time do they spend overall and on which pages?


Each piece of data is like a little clue that reveals:

  • Who your customer is
  • What they want
  • Where they live
  • When they visited
  • Why they left

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