Framestr provides the tools and features to help your
team better collaborate, streamline workflows and
make actionable decisions.

01 /Create Beautiful Forms

Spend less time building forms, and more time building a business. Use our point-and-click form builder, customize design and publish. It’s that easy!

Responsive forms
Don’t waste time testing forms on mobile, tablet and desktop. Framestr forms are 100% responsive and work on any device.

Drag and Drop
New to form building? Use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to develop highly advanced forms.

Form Templates
Not sure where to start? Framestr offers 100s of free templates to get you started.

Themes & CSS
Out of the box, Framestr offers Google’s Material Design concepts. Use CSS to customize any aspects of your forms.

Image Upload
Make your forms pop by adding images and galleries. Your forms are sure to impress.

Multi-page Forms
Increase engagement and customer experience by up to 58% by adding multiple pages.

02 /Form Fields

Collect any type of data, learn more about your users to improve decisions makings.

Field Validation
Never correct a submission by collecting the right data, the first time.

Data Routing
After a user fills out a form, redirect them to any page or display a custom submission message.

Image Gallery
Make your forms pop by adding images and galleries. Your forms are sure to impress.

Emails & Actions
Collect valid email addresses and automatically add them into Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor.

Unique and beautifully designed toggles make it easier to collect yes or no answers.

Implement sliders to collect range data, for example: price, budgets, or anything else you see fit.

Input Masking
Like field validations, input masks help reduce errors. Limit form data based on a combination of numbers and letters (i.e. mm/dd/yyy).

Custom Submit Buttons
Improve submission rates by modifying the text, colour or size of your call-to-action buttons.

03 /A/B Testing

What works for one customer doesn’t always work for another. With A/B testing and custom campaigns, you can try as many forms as you want, and then select the best performing option to skyrocket your leads.

Create custom form campaigns and embed them on your site.

Full customizable
A/B test forms with different fields, copy, colours and designs. Really drill down to what’s working best.

See how each form inside your campaign is performing compared to average benchmarks.

Easily add / edit / delete forms inside a campaign. Receive emails on weekly comparisons and performance.

04 /Anti-Spam

Filter out poor data with built-in spam filters

Tough on bots, easy on humans. reCAPTCHA helps filter out unnecessary spam.

Domain Blacklist
Receiving emails from the same address? Easily block them in only a few clicks.

Field Validation
Prevent poor and incorrect data by making sure the correct data is entered into each field.

05 /Integrations

Reduce staff resources on client intake by automatically responding to potential clients. Reduce data entry redundancy through third-party integrations.

Framestr online forms integrates with:

  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Google Analytics
  • Zendesk

06 /Lead Management

Flag leads, assign leads, provide comments and/or status updates. Never let a lead fall through the cracks.

Flag Leads
Easily flag high priority or other leads, and come back to them later.

Assign Leads
Assign leads

Provide Comments
Consumer Psychology In The Industrial And Manufacturing Equipment Marketplace

Status Updates
Consumer Psychology In The Industrial And Manufacturing Equipment Marketplace

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