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When you’re running a conference center or planning an event, the event registration form is a vital aspect of your event running smoothly. It tells you everything you need to know about the people who are going to be there and what they’re bringing. This form essentially makes up the guts of your operation, so you could say that it’s pretty important.

The Framestr sample event registration form consists of all you need to create the perfect registration forms for events. This fully adaptable form enables you to customize your information fields to collect the information which matters most to you. You can post the event registration form template online or print it. Once your form is completed, you can compile your data in one organized location.

Designing your free event registration form can be a challenge though. You want to make sure your form is well written so it can be as effective as possible.

Making Your Event Registration Form Successful

There are a lot of factors to consider when developing your event registration form. Here are a few pointers to pay attention to.

Tip #1: Only ask for key information.

Don’t use your registration form to conduct research on your demographic. If you want to try to gain insights on the people attending your event, you can send out a survey at a later date. The registration form should only be asking people what you need to know for your event. Keep it as short and simple as possible.

Tip #2: Stay organized.

Develop your form with some level of organization if possible. This means keeping similar questions grouped together. This is known as the ‘Gestalt Principle’ which states that when things are grouped together people perceive them as being similar. This will also be useful when you’re analyzing the data afterword.

Tip #3: Provide examples.

If you want a question to be completed a certain way for your own analyzing purposes, you can let the respondent know this with an example. This is particularly useful if you need to ask the date. Respondents from the UK will use a different date format than US citizens, making for a confusing problem. Clearly state the format you’d like your questions answered in.

Tip #4: Test out your registration form.

Once your form is written it’s time to test it out. This gives you the opportunity to run a few tests before opening your event registration form to the public, thus saving you any problems and some embarrassment. Ask family and friends to complete the form and give you feedback on questions they were confused on or any difficulties they had.

When you use Framestr you’ll easily be able to craft the perfect event registration form using their innovative template. You can also utilize their conference registration form and the group evaluation form if you’re putting on a conference.

Check out Framestr’s sample Event Registration Form

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