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employee write up form

The employee write up form is an important tool in every organization to promote accountability and discipline among workers. Even though disciplining workers is never an enjoyable task, every organization should have one in order to keep the workplace running as productively as possible. The employee write up template is also a great way to allow HR to give employees a warning before they are terminated. In that case, you will need an employee termination form and an employee exit interview form in your list of HR forms.

When you use your free download from Framestr, you’ll be able to provide workers with an employee disciplinary action form to prevent future conduct from happening. This template will allow human resources to keep disciplinary information in a secure and confidential data base for the organization.

What to Include In Your Employee Discipline Form

Disciplining your employees can be a difficult task, so in addition to the free download, here are a few tips you can use to create effective disciplinary forms.

Tip #1: Include the purpose of the employee warning form.

The purpose of the employee warning form is to state clearly that the form is not to incite a personal offense to someone, but for the betterment of the workplace. The workers need to know that the purpose of the form is a small punishment that can have larger consequences if the behavior continues. The form should also state that this one incident doesn’t mean the employee will be viewed negatively by upper management.

Tip #2: As well as how many warnings the employee has earned.

The number of warnings your employee has received is vital to track their behavior. The higher number of write up forms filed the stronger the punishment should be each time, eventually leading to termination if the behavior continues. Every time your employee receives a disciplinary form, they should be told how many they have and the consequences of accruing so many.

Tip #3: Add the background information.

The background information is to be used for future reference. When included it will assist upper management to decide if an employee should be terminated for frequent bad behavior or if their disciplinary form could hurt their chances of a promotion or other reward. A detailed account of the incident should be recorded.

Tip #4: Changes in employee performance over time.

If you notice an employee has changed their behavior between coworkers and their performance has decreased over a period of time, note this in the disciplinary form template. This information will help human resources to decide the next step for this employee. If the employee is acting different than their normal self, this may be caused by an issue in their household such as family relations or financial stress.

Tip #5: Employee response to discipline.

The response of the employee to the disciplinary action is crucial. If the employee acts out and becomes confrontational this information is vital for human resources to decide the future standing of this employee with the organization. Other times disciplinary actions may be a small occurrence that employee’s make and are truly sorry for.

Tip #6: Include supporting documents.

Any documents that could be of assistance in the future should be kept with the disciplinary form. The reason for this is your employee may seek to file a grievance and supporting documents will help you to back your claim. This proof will allow you to cover your bases in case an issue arises.

Tip #7: Attempt to move on.

If the occurrence is a minor one, then it’s best to move on and try not to let what occurred change the chemistry you share with your employee. If the employee notices a change in how they’re treated, they may feel as if they are unwanted at the organization. This uncomfortable feeling may result in slower work productivity or a resignation.

The Framestr employee write up form template is the perfect tool to help you discipline your employees. You’ll be able to keep track of how many warnings have been given to an employee, write detailed accounts of what occurred, and adjust the form to suit your needs.

Check out Framestr’s sample Employee Write Up Form Template:

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