Employee Termination Form

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Employee Termination Form

There comes a moment in every manager’s life where they must terminate an employee. It’s never a fun or comfortable moment, but needs to be done for the betterment of the company, and even perhaps, the people who work there. The first step of removing an employee from your organization is by utilizing the employee termination form.

Using Framestr’s employee termination release form you’ll be able to create a form that’s fully comprehensive and adaptable to suit your organizations’ needs. This printable employee termination form template will be a great asset to your human resources department which store your employee terminations form in a secure and confidential location for offboarding.

Getting your employees to fill out this employee termination form to complete the off boarding process can be tricky business. Framestr understands the serious nature of this process and aims to make it as easy as possible, for both the human resources department and the employee being terminated. You’ll be able to easily adjust fields to gather all the important information you need from the employee, including information that lets you know whether this employee is eligible for rehire.

The Benefits of Using an Employee Termination Form

There are a number of benefits for having your departing employees complete an employee termination form. The termination form is considered to be a staple form for many companies around the world. Here are a few reasons you might consider having one.

Know Which Employees Have Departed: Keeping track of which employees have been removed form your organization may prove to be a useful asset for you. Using the Framestr template you’ll be able to easily track who has come and gone in your workplace. This will help your HR department know who has been hired in the past during the application process and whether their performance was acceptable.

Avoid Potential Lawsuits: Making sure to handle basic termination proceedings appropriately is serious business. You want to make sure that you’re covering all your bases in case the dismissed employee wishes to file a grievance and sue your organization. Having all your bases covered, including a completed employee termination form, will allow you to build a strong defense and discourage lawsuits.

Respond to Unemployment Claims: When your bases are fully covered, responding to requests such as an unemployment claim will be made easier.

Important Tips on the Termination Process

The termination process is one which can be quite messy and uncomfortable for all parties involved. Ensuring that you have procedures in place to take the right steps toward employee dismissal is imperative to reducing hurt feelings and avoiding potential law suits among other things. Here are a few things to pay attention to during the termination process.

Tip #1: Choose a specific date and place.

The decision to dismiss an employee has been made with much thought and care, so should the actual dismissal. Choose a specific date and place to fire an employee. This location and time period should have the employees’ best interest in mind to avoid embarrassing an employee as much as possible. Good times to remove an employee are typically during more relaxed periods of the day, such as lunch. This minimizes disturbances in your organizations productivity.

Tip #2: Cover your bases.

Filling out the employee termination form and having all your documentation in order during the dismissal process will help you to stay organized and on top of the termination process. Giving a test run of the talk beforehand will also help to keep the meeting as smooth as possible.

Tip #3: Enlist some extra help.

Dismissing an employee is an uncomfortable process and you don’t have to go it alone. Enlist an extra hand to help you during this time. It’s hard to gage how an employee will react when being dismissed, so always aim to have someone from the HR department with you to help.

Tip #4: Be short.

Your employees deserve an explanation, but beyond that, the meeting should be short. This allows the terminated employee to move pas the embarrassing situation as soon as possible. A brief interaction will make the termination process easier for everyone.

When you use the Framestr employee termination release form you’ll be able to make the termination process as simple as possible while covering your bases at the same time. The template is adaptable to suit your organizations needs and allows you to store information in a confidential and secure location.

Check out Framestr’s sample Employee Termination Form Template:

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