Employee Self Evaluation Form

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Employee Self Evaluation Form

Give your employees a voice through the employee self evaluation form template. This free self evaluation form template allows your employees to think constructively about the work they’ve completed as a part of your organization. This constructive self feedback allows them to develop goals and create their own professional development plan to achieve success.


The Framestr employee self evaluation form template will be a great asset to your human resources department. You’ll be able to fully adapt the form to suit your needs so that every employee, whether an intern or an executive, is able to complete this form to gain valuable insights about their work productivity.


Once the employee self evaluation is complete, the form can be submitted online to an organized data base. This data base will keep your employee’s important information confidential and secure. You’ll easily be able to review your employee’s data to see your workers overall career goals and what their thoughts are on their work productivity. So how can you develop an effective employee self evaluation form?


Developing an Effective Employee Evaluation Form


There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to developing an effective employee evaluation form, but fear not, as creating a great self evaluation form is actually simpler than you think. Here are a few tips you can enlist in your evaluation form.


Tip #1: It’s about their overall career, not just their current job.


Understanding your employees is more than just their current situation in life, it’s also about their intrinsic motivations. Having a grasp on your employees life goals and career ambitions can help you to put yourself in their shoes. Ask questions about where they’d like to end up, instead of only focusing on where they’re at now. You can even ask questions to see how your organization can help them reach their career ambitions.


Tip #2: Ask them how they’re feeling.

Having an understanding about how your employees are feeling can be a valuable insight into their work ethic. If your employees are feeling overly stressed, tired, or anxious, this may cause them to not work with as much energy or happiness as they’d like to be able to. Once you understand how your employees are feeling, you can work toward helping them feel happier in the workplace.


Tip #3: Allow them to skip certain questions.


However, asking personal questions such as how they’re feeling does pose the risk of making them feel uncomfortable. Allow them to skip personal questions  so that they don’t feel forced to make something up. If your employees make something up this can give you a false impression of your overall workforce.


Tip #4: Encourage honest answers.


Some employees may find it difficult to give honest answers as they may fear a repercussion. Encourage your employees to give honest answers to help you get the best overview possible of how your workers feel within your organization. Tell them that their information is secure and confidential.


Tip #5: Provide a fun incentive.


Everyone loves knowing that the work they do is appreciated. One way to show appreciation is by offering a fun incentive to your employees who complete this form. You can choose from a number of enticing incentives, such as gift cards, a free coffee, or a chance to win a prize.


Why You Should Give Employees Self Evaluation Forms


When you think of performance reviews, your mind may instantly go to a dark office somewhere with a manager telling you what you’re good at, and especially, what you’re bad at. While this is useful feedback, it may be less practical than you think. Some employees may hear this feedback and not make any adjustments to their work ethic.


When you provide employees with a self evaluation form, they’re able to think critically about themselves and the work they’ve put in, resulting in a potential for more change. It’s important for everyone to think about their work ethic and goals in life, but it can be difficult for us to find the time to contemplate this. The employee self evaluation form is the way forward.


The Framestr self evaluation form is a wonderful way to help your employees improve their work performance. You’ll be able to utilize their data to gain a great sense of your workforces performance and intrinsic motivations all while keeping it confidential and secure.

Employee Self Evaluation Form

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Employee Self Evaluation Form
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