Employee Exit Interview Forms Template

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Employee Exit Interview Forms Template

The purpose of the exit interview is to gain valuable feedback from departing employees that serves to help your business. The feedback you receive from your exit interview form can help you to determine both what your business is doing well and poorly, along with a number of other aspects such as what causes employees to leave.

Every firm suffers from a turnover rate, no matter how large or small, and a key step to growth is understanding the reasons your employee may decide it’s time to depart from your organization. This may be from a list of many reasons, such as retirement, moving to a new city, or receiving another job offer from a different company.

Using the Framestr sample template you’ll be able to ask confidential questions about why your employees have decided to depart. This form works great for everyone in your business, from the intern to your executives. All information from this employee exit interview can be kept securely in an online data base. The exit interview form is a form that every organization should have in their HR forms.

Depending on the size of your business your exit interviews can be completed by a number of workers, but if your business is particularly large it will likely be completed by the human resources department.

Get The Most Out of Your Exit Interviews

Since the exit interview is so important, it’s vital to make sure you’re getting it right. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your exit interviews.

Tip #1: Begin with a friendly conversation.

While it’s tempting to immediately jump into the probing questions because that’s the purpose of the exit interview, it’s important to begin the conversation on friendly terms. Your employee may feel uncomfortable during this interview, so beginning with a friendly conversation about mutual interests can be a great way to help your employee feel at ease.

Tip #2: Explain the importance of the interview.

Your exiting employee may not understand why the exit interview is taking place, so make sure they know it’s to help the organization improve operations. Once an employee understands this, they may be more forthcoming with helpful information, rather than keeping their thoughts to themselves.

Tip #3: Seek helpful feedback.

Having a grasp on the right questions to ask will be a beneficial aspect on your meeting. A few key questions to ask relate to what the company is doing well, areas where the company should be improved, and what drew the employee to leave. It’s okay to ask for contact information to follow up with your exiting employee later on.

Tip #4: Leave things on good terms.

End your meeting on good terms to develop good will between your organization and the exiting employee. This helps to keep the door open for the employee to come back and work for you in the future if they have a change of heart or a new position opens up. You can keep things amiable by shaking their hand and thanking them for their hard work.

Check out Framestr’s sample Employee Exit Interview Forms Template:

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Employee Exit Interview Forms Template
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