Employee Emergency Contact Form

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employee emergency contact form

Framestr has developed this employee emergency contact form with human resource departments in mind. This employee contact form serves to help you collect and save the most important employee emergency information. While it’s awful to think of an employee coming into harms way or facing a serious situation, this emergency contact form is here to help employee’s quickly receive help.

Once you have the employee emergency contact form completed, you’ll be able to upload it into a database to centralize all your data. This organizational system will make sure that when danger strikes, you’re prepared. You will be able to easily filter through information to find the emergency contact form you need in case of an emergency.

To ensure a high level of care for your employees, Framestr enlists field validation, which helps to make sure that all information submitted into the system is correct. The emergency contact form is fully adaptable too, allowing you to make sure you’re asking all the questions that matter most to your business. This employee contact form is one of many HR forms that Framestr has developed to assist you in your HR needs.

How to Develop A Great Employee Emergency Contact Form

Since we all want to ensure that our employees are as safe as possible, here are a few tips to help you create an amazing employee emergency contact form to make sure you have all the information you need.

Tip #1: Collect information early, but not too early.

There’s a lot of information you may want to collect on an employee, but asking for this information too soon can be a breach of privacy. One mistake to avoid is asking for this confidential information before an employee is fully hired. Even asking for this information late into the hiring process can be problematic.

Tip #2: Follow up often.

You never know when someone’s phone number changes or they move to a new address. Try to follow up at least once a year in order to keep your emergency contact information current. Doing so will make all the difference if an emergency does occur.

Tip #3: Know what information you can and can’t gather.

Some information you’re required to gather by law and other information you’re prohibited to gather at all. Do some research to understand what’s both mandatory and illegal information.

Tip #4: Always get information needed for safety.

Not all of the information you gather will necessarily be health and safety related, but the the first information you do receive should be.

Tip #5: Get ‘fun’ information too (optional).

If your business enjoys rewarding employees with gift cards, food, and other rewards, an easy way to keep track of this information is through the employee contact card. Much of this information will come up in casual conversation, but if you’re not sure what an employee’s favorite food is you can ask during performance reviews. This helps you keep track of what every employee enjoys in life.

Check out Framestr’s sample Employee Emergency Contact Form Template:

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Employee Emergency Contact Form
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