Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey

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Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey

One of the most expensive labor costs to an employee are providing benefits to employees. However, even though it’s more expensive, there’s serious reason to consider providing benefits to your employees. When you offer a benefits package you’ll be able to keep employee turnover rates low, maintain employee happiness, and you’ll be able to bring in the highest quality employees.

If you’re sold on providing benefits to your employees, you want to make sure that you’re providing them the right benefits to stay as cost effective as possible. The way to do this is using survey questions on an employee benefits survey to see what matters most to your employees. You’ll be able to gage interest on different benefits packages and to ensure your money is providing them the benefits they want the most and isn’t simply being wasted.

The Framestr free sample template is here to assist you in getting to know your employees more. You’ll be able to gage intrinsic motivations in order to test the waters of their sentiment. You’ll be able to ask handcrafted satisfaction survey questions which can easily be adapted to your business model to elicit the detailed responses. Once all your surveys are in, you’ll be able to access all the data to analyze it in one centralized location.

Creating a quality employee benefits survey can be hard work though. So we’ve created a few tips to help you along in this process.

What Makes a Great Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey

Tip #1: Promise confidentiality.

Promising confidentiality is a key aspect in eliciting honest responses among employees. When an employee feels that their opinion might be viewed negatively by upper-management they may not answer truthfully due to a fear of repercussions. Make sure your employees know that their honest answers are appreciated and no one will know who sent in each form.

Tip #2: Be clear.

Clarity is the sure way to a great survey. It’s easy to write something and understand what you meant to say, but someone reading it for the first time may not. Focus on asking short and direct questions which cannot be misinterpreted. If your questions are confusing your data may become skewed.

Tip #3: Stick to one question at a time.

In the same vein of clarity, sticking to one question at a time will help your respondents not become overwhelmed. Discussing benefit information is a heavy subject which can be mentally exhaustive, asking one question at a time will help you to keep the data you collect as accurate as possible.

Tip #4: Keep it short.

While it’s important to ask all of your main questions, the survey should be kept as short as possible. Developing a long survey will take people’s minds away from work and can often have the adverse effect of reducing the number of people who respond to your survey. A shorter survey will help you to guarantee as much data as possible to base your benefit decisions on.

Tip #5: Distribute it on many platforms.

If you only send your survey via e-mail, it may be missed among a flood of other work-related e-mails. A sure way to increase employee benefits survey participation is by voicing the survey around the office as much as possible. Create flyers to post which tell workers how long they have to complete the survey before you begin analyzing the data. Send multiple e-mails containing the survey link. You can even have managers tell their employees by word-of-mouth to get out your message.

Tip #6: Sample test it.

After you’ve crafted your survey, it’s time to have a few people test it. The goal of the sample test is to make sure that your questions are easily understood and the survey is firing on all cylinders. Ask your sample testers their thoughts on the survey, how it can be improved, and if your questions were clear. Once this step is complete, you’re all set to launch your employee benefits survey!

Tip #7: Make it fun!

While it may sound like a challenge to make an employee benefits survey ‘fun’, there are certainly things you can do to help pique interest. You can offer your employees a free coffee coupon once they submit the survey, make a competition out of which department completes the survey the fastest, or provide a chance to win a gift card.

A Few Example Questions to Consider

Knowing the right questions to ask your employees can be a challenge and every work place is different, but here are a few sample questions that can help give you ideas for your own employee benefits survey template.

What rating would you give our employee benefits package?

Please rank the overall value you receive from each benefit.

Do our benefits seem like fair compensation to you?

Are there any other benefits you would like us to consider?

Are there any benefits which you’d like improved?

When you use the Framestr employee benefits satisfaction survey template you’ll be able to ask the most important satisfaction survey questions. Framestr makes it easy to adapt the survey to fit your businesses needs in order to build a comprehensive survey to get at the heart of what’s most important to your employees. Framestr also offers customer satisfaction survey templates as well, to help your customers provide you constructive feedback.

Check out Framestr’s sample Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey Template:

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