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employee assessment form

The employee assessment form is one of the most valuable tools that a manager can have in their toolkit. The form allows employers to provide performance assessments, employee skills assessments, and employee health assessments. This assessment form can be strategically used to provide feedback which can be crafted into individualized professional development programs.

In order to create a successful employee assessment experience, employers need to create useful meetings to discuss the performance review. When done right, the assessment form can increase employee productivity or help businesses decide whether or not someone is the right fit for their position.

Creating a Successful Employee Assessment Meeting

Tip #1: The first step is goal development.

When you’re working with a new employee, the first meeting shouldn’t be about discussing the performance review as much as it is about laying out goals for the future. Some employees may work best when they have a goal to work toward. Helping them to foster goals during your first meeting will allow them to increase their productivity by giving them something to shoot for.

Tip #2: Solicit feedback from fellow colleagues.

While your personal feedback is valuable to your employees, so are their fellow colleagues. Ask employees around the office to complete an employee feedback form for those who they consistently work with. This is a wonderful opportunity for the people who work closest with your employee to provide their insights.

Tip #3: It’s a conversation, not a college lecture.

Managers may get into the habit of taking total control of the meeting and, as a result, give little time for the employee to talk themselves. Instead of grabbing the performance review, reading it to them, and sending them on their way, make sure to have an open discussion. This will allow your employees to ask questions and to explain their performance from their point of view.

Tip #4: Be constructive.

It’s important to discuss the positives and negatives in a meeting, but every point you make should be constructive, so choose your words carefully. If an employee missed an important deadline you can break down their work method and see how it can be reengineered and improved upon. Your employee may be able to use these new suggestions to increase productivity.

Tip #5: End on a positive.

When we’re given negative feedback, it can be all that consumes our minds. Even if five nice things are said about us and one negative, that one negative may be all we think of. In order to help prevent this, end your meetings on a positive note to instill confidence in your employees.

When you choose Framestr to provide you your employee assessment form, you’ll instantly be able to adapt the form to fit your business model. Once the forms are completed, the data can be stored in one organized location allowing you to reference it to help you develop professional development plans.

However the employee assessment form isn’t the only form which can be valuable to business. When an employee uses the employee self evaluation form they can gain a better understanding of their own intrinsic motivations and performance. The employee write up form can help employees to stay disciplined in their craft, as can both the employee evaluation form and the employee review form.

Check out Framestr’s sample Employee Assessment Form Template:

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