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customer satisfaction survey

The act of creating a survey can be a challenging one. You may have a great idea lined up of who you want to survey and for what cause, but developing a customer satisfaction survey often leaves many shaking their heads. With the attention to detail and specificity it requires it’s no wonder you may be stressed about it.

Framestr understands that creating a customer survey form can be challenging for many, so we’ve developed a customer satisfaction survey form that you can use to get the feedback you’ve been looking for. Using our form you’ll be able to easily adapt the form to ask the question’s you’ve been wanting to ask. There’s still a few more things you should check out though before you begin. Here’s some added advice to make your customer satisfaction survey as successful as possible.

How To Develop A Successful Customer Satisfaction Survey

There are many tips and tricks you can enlist to guarantee a higher rate of success for your customer satisfaction survey. When your form is thoughtfully designed, it will be easy for your responders to fill out the customer survey form to provide you feedback. These tips should help you to get detailed responses while also increasing the number of people who complete your survey.

Tip #1: Be Clear & Be Simple.

When your respondents are filling out your form you want to make sure they know the reason their completing the survey. State the need for your survey upfront so it’s clearly listed. This will make respondents feel more comfortable completing your survey request form.

It’s also vital to stay as simple in language as possible. You want your respondents to understand each question, so make sure that your questions can only be interpreted one way. Otherwise your data will be skewed, resulting in a failed survey. This tip holds true for other surveys as well, such as NPS surveys and course evaluation surveys.

Tip #2: Speak to Your Target Market.

When you’re writing your survey, keep your target market in mind. If you are aiming to reach parents at a local daycare, then make sure that you’re asking questions they can easily relate to. If you’re asking the wrong questions to your target market, then fewer people will wish to participate in your survey and the questions may negatively effect your data.

Tip #3: Offer an ‘Other’ Option.

If your survey has multiple choice questions, you may want to consider the importance of adding an ‘Other’ option to the end of your questions. Otherwise you may end up forcing people to answer a question that doesn’t apply to them, resulting in skewed data. It’s difficult to pin down answers in a multiple choice format as everyone’s circumstances differ.

Tip #4: And a ‘Skip’ Option.

Adding a ‘Skip’ option can serve to make your respondents feel more comfortable completing your survey. The skip option is best used on personal questions that people may not feel okay answering, such as questions of race, personal income, and marital status. By adding the skip options on personal questions you may be able to increase the number of respondents you have.

Tip #5: Review Bias.

It’s easy to accidentally add bias into your research which may influence the feedback your receive. Put a close eye to your writing to make sure that none of your answers elicit any bias that could waver opinions.

Tip #6: Keep It Short

When you develop long surveys fewer people wish to complete them and may end up quitting halfway through before submitting results. Aim to keep your survey as short as possible to only ask the most important questions. If you’re concerned that the feedback you receive is lacking something, you can create a follow-up survey.

Tip #7: Ask One Question at a Time.

Asking multiple questions at a time, such as a follow-up question may result in skewed data. Multiple questions may confused the respondent and make them feel overwhelmed. Keep your questions direct.

Tip #8: Add Incentives (Optional).

Adding incentives to your customer satisfaction surveys are a fun way to garner interest among potential respondents. You can choose a number of incentives, such as a promotional code, free e-book or blog post, or even a free coffee!

Tip #9: Sample Test.

Before you publish your survey for the world to see, show it to people who you trust such as friends and family. Ask them to complete the customer satisfaction survey and question them on their thoughts. They may have had a difficult time answering a question.

Tip #10: Analyze Data.

Now the exciting part is here! It’s time to scour your data to see what your customer satisfaction survey managed to pick up and adjust your business accordingly.

Check out Framestr’s sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Template:

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