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Publish: March 29, 2017 by framestr

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The call to action button is the most powerful and the most important part of your landing page. This is the point where the online marketing strategists spend the major chunk of their time and website owners spend their money to make things perfect, to be able to capture more leads without much hassle.

Optimizing a call to action button is really crucial for business owners and entrepreneurs to establish a sound online presence and get better leads for their business. Generating good leads is really important to garner a higher conversion rate and maximize revenue generation. The call to action button decides the fate of your potential lead even before the website visitor lands on the landing page.

Remember, there are few things that can simplify and speed up conversions, and then there are some that can prove out to be a roller coaster ride, just going downwards.

So without farther ado, let’s take a look at how to optimize call to action buttons and get to capture more leads. Read along…

  1. The Psychology of Colors

If black, or white, or grey happen to be your favorite color while choosing your clothes, that’s great! It means you like to dress in a more professional way and like to stay neutral about a lot of things. Going down the same path for your website? Err, wrong answer.

Choose a color that stands out. The color of the Call to Action should complement the background of the landing page, and should be able to grab visitor’s attention at once.

To get a fairer idea of which color to go with, make CTA buttons using different colors and do a glance test.

  1. Simplicity is the Key

When we say you should be adding a touch of color to optimize call to action buttons, we mean a touch. Don’t go over the top and add arrows, CSS effects and images to it. Keep it simple. Subtlety surely goes a long way.

However, simple and subtle doesn’t mean boring. Keep things interesting.

  1. Size Matters

No, you can’t make a hulk out of your call to action button to capture more leads. The size of the Call to Action button has to, we repeat, has to make sense to the eyes. The call to action button must be big enough to mark its presence in the viewers’ perspective, and that’s about it.

  1. Give them Options to Choose

To make the call to action button clickable, you’ve got to give them options. Just make sure you don’t offer more than two options. Giving too many choices created a paradoxical situation for the website visitor. And trust us when we say it, you don’t want to let that happen.

  1. Timing is Everything

If you get to create a feeling of urgency, our CTA button will have greater chances of succeeding. “Click here to subscribe now” sounds better than a simple “Click here”. Words like “today”, “now”, “quickly”, etc. come in very handy as they create urgency.

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