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Deciding what works the best while onboarding new employees can prove out to be a complex task at times. You don’t know what techniques you should choose to go for. The time taken to complete the hiring and onboarding procedure can also take a lot of time. From orientations to onboarding, it all can be automated using onboarding forms. With the market abundant of many that claim to be the best, the question is: which one you should trust?

In a nutshell, things can get from “where do I begin” to “what do I do” pretty fast.

This is exactly why you need to find a well designed process that integrates the most efficient techniques for improving, optimizing and speeding up new hire onboarding process and setting the fresh workforce on a proficient, productive and satisfying path.

But first, let’s see why we need to focus on the onboarding process. A streamlined and well executed onboarding process brings along a myriad of advantages. The multifold benefits include, but are not limited to: improved performance of the new employee, improved employee engagement, better employee retention, and quicker conversion of employee from new-hire to being fully productive. As per Aberdeen Group Research Co, “The relationship between the new employee and the manager is the determining factor in whether the new employee stays with an organization.”

Now that we know the various advantages of an onboarding process, we also get to know its importance for completing all the procedures regarding a new employee. Next, we will talk about what steps are included in this process.


See, whenever a new employee joins a company, the first thing he or she must have all the job responsibilities explained to him or her. But before that is done, they must be explained what the next steps of hiring process will be after the joining letter, and what are their objectives.

As far as the onboarding process itself is concerned, the primary objectives are to make the employee comfortable in the new office and to enhance employee engagement.


Next is the role of the employee in the company. How do you expect an employee to perform his or her tasks efficiently if they don’t know what role they need to play in their new job?


As we all know that the journey does not begin from HR table and culminates operations floor right away for a new employee. There are many stepping stones on the way. A new employee goes through a lot of stages before reaching his or her new work floor. An efficient onboarding program tells the new guy or new girl about all those stages. From interviewing to selection and then to training, assessment to being a productive employee, everything is a stage.

Evaluations and Measurements

People who are in-charge of handling and managing the onboarding process must have a checklist that lists all the steps required to be completed to mark the whole process a success. The checklist not only serves as a measurement and evaluation tool, it also guides the supervisor to execute the process in the correct order.

Follow Up

Contrary to the belief, things don’t get over when a new employee when a new employee becomes a valuable asset. The first birthday after joining the company, the first appraisal, first 6 months, first anniversary as an employee, it all makes a difference on a subconscious level. A new employee wants to be treated that way. As a matter of fact, nobody wants to be treated like an average Joe. Don’t take your employees for granted.

But that’s for future. Right now, you need to focus on onboarding of your new employee. Prepare a nice and streamlined online onboarding form; things will get really easy and efficient for you. Framestr is one such software that helps businesses improve processes through interactive, online forms. Keep your business organized and employees happy. Click here to get started or see all features for more information.

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