Free Create an Online Questionnaire

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Free Create an Online Questionnaire

Developing an online questionnaire can help you do a number of things, such as honing in on your demographic to learn more about their interests. As a result, you can better gear your products and service toward them to increase sales if your a business and readership if you have a blog.

An important aspect of developing a questionnaire is asking the right questions. You need to word things clearly, pinpoint topics you want to learn more about, and make it easy for you audience to fill in answers.

How to Create A Questionnaire

Creating your questionnaire form can be a complicated endeavor when you’re first starting. It’s hard to know what questions you should ask and the best methods to create your survey. Check out these tips to help you.

Use Individual Questions: Take things slow in your survey and stick to only asking one question at a time. It’s easy to ask a follow up question in the same breath, but this can become overwhelming for people completing your questionnaire. It’s also difficult to get the results you’re looking for if you an a multiple choice format.

Stay Simple: Your survey should be easy for people to understand. When you leave questions open for interpretation your results will become skewed and it will be difficult to gage whether your survey has been successful or not.

Give a ‘Skip’ Option: It’s okay to ask personal questions in a survey, but it’s important to allow your respondents to be able to skip those questions if they feel uncomfortable answering them. To make this as simple as possible, include a ‘prefer not to answer’ option at the end of each personal question. This will allow your respondents to feel more comfortable answering your questions.

Give an ‘Other’ Option: The same holds true for allowing an ‘other’ option in your data. It’s difficult to foresee all of the possible options while you’re creating a multiple choice survey. You can allow your respondents to write in their response manually if it’s not clearly stated. This will help you to avoid skewed survey data due to forcing an answer.

Be Specific: Your questionnaire should be clear from the beginning. Survey respondents may feel more comfortable completing a survey when they understand why they are taking it.

Remember Your Demographic: It can become easy to get off track while creating your online questionnaire, but it’s key to stay on task. Always keep your demographic in mind while creating your survey. This means using the proper terminology and asking questions in an understandable way.

Sample Questionnaire: Now that your survey has been written, it’s time to test it! Give out a few samples of your questionnaire to people who you can rely on, such as friends and family members. Have them complete the online questionnaire and ask them if there were points of confusion while taking the survey. Review the data to make sure the questionnaire is responsive before you publish it.

The Don’t of Creating Online Questionnaires

Along with there being a lot of things you should do there are also a few things you should not do when creating a survey.

Don’t Spend A Lot of Money: With the massive amount of free and affordable online tools out there, there’s no need to spend a lot of money to conduct the research on your site. Often times you can do it quite cheaply only using an e-mail list and a form service such as Framestr. If you’re new to creating questionnaire, research ways to get your survey out to your demographic for the lowest price possible.

Don’t Make Create a Long Survey: No one enjoys spending twenty minutes to complete an online questionnaire. When you create overly long surveys people are far less likely to take them. Aim to develop a survey that only takes a few minutes while accomplishing your main goals. If you want to ask further questions, you can always invite users to take another survey at a later date.

Don’t Research What’s Known: It’s easy to question our clients about whatever pops up in our mind, but often times, this information is already public knowledge. Research each question thoroughly before you ask it so you know that you’re asking your clients unique questions. Otherwise you’re wasting effort as well as your client’s time.

Once you’ve gotten into the habit of creating successful questionnaires, you’ll be able to use them for a number of useful tasks to improve client and reader satisfaction. Framestr is here to help you create effective questionnaire forms for all of your business needs. They also offer a number of other survey softwares you may find useful such as an NPS survey, customer satisfaction survey, and course evaluation surveys.

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