COVID-19’s Spread Has Not Mitigated The SEO Industry

Publish: July 8, 2020 by framestr

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The continued spread of COVID-19 has eradicated entire sectors of the economy overnight, with many businesses that rely on interpersonal interactions finding it impossible to stay afloat under these economic conditions. Other sectors of the economy remain healthy and vibrant amidst all of this sudden change, however, especially when it comes to companies that provide digital services. The SEO industry has clearly endured the spread of COVID-19, for instance, as small businesses and major corporations are relying more on search engine results and digital business these days more than ever before.

A review of recent reports indicates that a wide variety of recent innovations, including an explosion in the usage of voice search usage, will ensure that the SEO industry will remain vibrant despite the troubling economic clouds ahead.

SEO is now a mainstream business investment

A decade ago, investing in search engine optimization was largely something that only tech-savvy entrepreneurs and tech companies pursued with any gusto. These days, however, SEO is now a mainstream business investment that nearly each and every brand has to take into consideration when forging their marketing campaign. This is because more and more business is being managed online, particularly now that the spread of COVID-19 has made eCommerce the go-to option in many industries.

To understand how important SEO has become, consider voice search technology. When Google introduced voice search functions around 2011, it was largely a novelty feature that few people initially depended upon. As voice search technology became more advanced and thus more accurate, however, it became a key part of the modern internet. According to Google, approximately 27 percent of the global online population is now using voice search on their mobile phones consistently. This means that companies which failed to invest in voice SEO in the past are now finding such an investment to be crucial toward their longevity.

No wonder more small businesses are hiring companies like Yeah! Local that focus on SEO expertise. SEO, once largely a niche area of interest, is now garnering interest in major publications like Forbes, where it’s drawing in huge sums of readers who want to learn about the latest marketing techniques. Guides to mastering mobile SEO are now commonplace across the internet, and marketing experts who ignore SEO do so at their own professional peril. COVID-19 has not mitigated the SEO industry – if anything, it’s bolstered its importance like never before.

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