Free Contact Form Template

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Free Contact Form Template

As content producers and business owners, contact forms are one of the best ways that we’re able to communicate with our readers and clients. It helps to give our followers a voice to give feedback, by suggesting a change or to simply say thanks.

There are a number of types of contact forms for websites use, including simple contact forms, HTML contact forms, and secure contact forms. All of these are useful options. Here at Framestr we understand how important contact forms are, so we provide a free contact form template for you to use as you wish.

The Importance of Contact Forms

Contact forms help us in a number of ways. If you’re on the fence about the benefits of a contact form, here are a few reasons why you should consider adding one to your website.

You’re User-Friendly: People love it when you’re easy to reach. When you’re easy to get in contact with, it makes your website look user-friendly and inviting too. Whenever someone has a suggestion, a business proposition, or is looking for clarity you can give them a hand. A contact form template is a great way to build a rapport with your users.

Ditch the Published E-mail Address: Having an e-mail published on your website makes you susceptible to a lot of random spam. The spam will clog up your inbox to the point that it’s difficult to tell who sent a genuine e-mail and who is simply looking for you to click a malware link. Your security increases when you swap out a visible e-mail address for a contact form.

Record Every Submission: Every time that someone contacts you through your contact form you’ll have the submission recorded. This is useful whenever you need to go back in your contact history.

Help Grow Your E-mail List: On your contact form you can make it so that people can subscribe to your e-mail list when they contact you. This is an easy way to get a few more subscribers, especially if you’re just beginning to build your e-mail list.

Auto-Response Options: If you’re on vacation you can use contact forms to send auto-responses whenever there’s a submission to let your users know you’ll respond as soon as you can.

Develop Efficiency: You’ll be able to cipher through e-mails more efficiently by getting a notification when a submission through your website is sent. This allows you to separate website inquiries from other e-mails.

Increase User Engagement: Websites have an uncanny ability to create small communities that people can interact with. One of the ways to foster this online community is through increasing user engagement on your site. Encourage them to comment at the end of blog posts, share your content, and use your contact form to suggest feedback.

If you’re looking to create a fully adaptable and comprehensive contact form on your site look no further than Framestr’s contact form template. Our contact form template is easy to adjust to fit your specific website’s needs. You’ll be able to make your site look more professional and generate more leads, all while getting closer to your user base.

Framestr also has a number of other helpful forms such as HR forms, client intake forms, and request quote forms to assist you with all your business needs.

Check out Framestr’s sample Free Contact Form Template:

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