Automate: Connecting Framestr Online Forms to Asana

Publish: June 17, 2017 by framestr

Asana is amazing Team coordination software launched as a tool to streamline internal projects at Facebook. That’s right; this awesome team management tool was the brain child of the co-founder and eventually, the former CTO and the VP of Engineering, Dustin Moskowitz. And it was also Justin Rosenstein who put his heart and soul in making Asana one of the most trusted team management tools it has become today. Asana is a Sanskrit word which means “yoga pose”. Just like the name of the software, Asana is here to make work more efficient, streamlined while creating a harmonious flow of tasks and communications between different team members.

So, talking about Asana, the most important feature that sets it apart from the rest of the lot happens to be the Asana forms. Yes, you have come across many online form builders on internet. No, they are nowhere close to Asana. Asana form integration is way easier, more efficient and time saving in comparison to any other online team management tool.

Speaking of online forms integration and workflow management, let’s take a look at how Asana, when integrated with Framestr, become your most powerful and efficient ally in improving your business’ productivity. Read along…

  • Asana lets you create new tasks depending on the calendar and task assigned to a particular team member, or all of them. And you don’t need to do it. It’s all automated.
  • Assign to specific users and add followers. Just punch in the details and the task will be assigned to the given person and the person will be notified.
  • Have different forms create new tasks in different Projects

Yes, you may want to say you have been doing it manually all along, and you never faced any major issue. That’s good, it really is. But won’t you like it when you can easily focus on other tasks and about creating new plan of action while a program assigns the tasks and streamlines the workflow for you? Automation not only saves time, it is also the need of the hour.

Framestr helps organizations collaborate and collect data. With Asana + Framestr Online Forms integration, stop wasting time on sharing data and start s Available on the Plus + and higher. Click here to get started.

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