Free Conference Registration Form Template

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Free Conference Registration Form Template

The conference registration form is commonly used at both big and small conferences and events around the world. The conference registration form helps conference hosts do many things, including collect event registration fees. The goal of the form is to make your life easier and less stressful.

The free Framestr conference registration form template is here to help you make your conference as successful as possible. The form is fully adaptable to fit your needs, whether you’re hosting a youth conference or a business conference. Framestr understands how important online event registration is and is here to make your event go smoothly.

The Importance of Online Event Registration

There are countless benefits to using an online event registration form. If you’re wondering if using the Framestr form is right for you, here are some things it can do for you.

 Increase Event Efficiency: Data entry takes up countless hours of time doing a mindless and repetitive task. Save the money you’d be wasting on data entry efforts and put it back into gaining more sponsorships, marketing, and other important aspects of running an event.

Safely Process Online Payments: You can safely process online payments in one easy step using the registration form, rather than making your attendees do it at a separate time.

Save You and Participants Time: If you’re used to using hand-written forms, then you’re going to save a lot of time using an online version which can quickly compile data. Not to mention there’s no need to decipher hard-to-read handwriting.

Customizable Online Registration: The ‘one size fits all’ model simply doesn’t work. You’ll be able to fully adapt the conference registration form as needed for your specific event.

Detailed Data Reports: One of the largest perks of online data reports is compiling all your data in one organized location. This makes data easy to sort through to gain a better understanding about the demographics of your attendees. It’s also an easy way to create a database of their contact information without dealing with manual data entry.

Additional Fund Raising: If your event has a donation option you can include this in your form to raise more funds than you ever thought possible.

Increase Marketing Reach: Keep your attendees in the know by e-mailing them through your new database. You can contact them about promotions, new events, and even create contests to get as many people to your conference as possible.

Develop Online Surveys: Surveys are one of the most effective ways to learn about your conference attendees. You’ll be able to develop surveys and send them via e-mail to learn more about your attendees than you ever have before.

Organize Your Data: A centralized area for your data will make your event go as smoothly as possible. No more wasting time organizing all your forms in one location.

Provide a Map: Make sure your attendees know where their going by inserting Google Maps directly into your form.

There are so many great benefits to creating online conference registration forms that it’s hard to keep count. When you sample the Framestr’s free online registration form you’ll be make sure that your conference is the best one yet. The form is comprehensive and fully adaptable, allowing you to adjust it to suit your conferences needs and reduce conference stress.

Check out Framestr’s sample Free Conference Registration Form Template:

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