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car accident report form

While no one would ever want such a tragic event as a car accident to occur, it’s always wise to have a car accident report template on hand in case something does happen. This car accident report form can be a useful tool for many organization’s who have employee’s who drive company or personal vehicles to run business errands and deliver products or services during working hours.

When you use Framestr to create your personalized auto accident report form you’ll be able to easily customize your form to fit your organization’s needs. Once created, the form can be published online for easy access. You’ll be able to store the form in an online database to keep all your most important information in a centralized location to keep it secure and confidential.

Writing Your Vehicle Accident Report Form

What’s most important about writing the vehicle accident report form is to keep a detail record of everything that has transpired. This detailed account will help with the police report, your organizations’ records, and in the case of a law suit or grievance filed among other things. Here are a few tips to consider while completing your vehicle accident report form.

Tip #1: Know the circumstance that caused the accident.

To begin your form, it’s a good idea to take note of the circumstances that caused the accident. Were the roads icy and it was difficult for the driver to stop? Was someone speeding or driving recklessly? Knowing the circumstance of the accident may become vital information to protect your organization and the driver who was working for the organization.

Tip #2: Write down all known injuries.

If any injuries transpire that you’re aware of, even muscle soreness, write down in detail. While not all injuries can be known, once a medical examiner has confirmed any injuries that occurred you’ll be able to appropriately update the document.

Tip #3: Write down specifics about the accident.

Write down all the other details of the accident. This includes the types of vehicles people were driving, the number of witnesses, where the accident occurred and who was involved.

Tip #4: Write down any witness accounts of the accident.

If there are any witnesses of the accident, get their stories on what occurred. Their accounts of the accident may differ from either driver’s account.

When you use Framestr to create your car accident report form, you’ll be able to customize this form to make it fully comprehensive and perfect for your organizations’ needs. Framestr makes it easy to integrate softwares with your form, allowing you to store it in an online database safely and securely. Framestr also offers other free templates, such as the workplace accident report form, service request forms, and other accident report forms.

Check out Framestr’s sample Car Accident Report Form Template:

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