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Are you looking for a bug report template but you don’t want to shell out a bunch of money? I’m not talking about one that doesn’t work either. I mean a comprehensive and fully adaptable bug report template for free. The Framestr bug report template is just that.

A bug report template makes it easy to write down information about bugs in your code. This report will allow developers to easily identify the important information they need in order to fix the bugs in your software.

Using this bug report template you’ll be able to easily fill and organize all of your bug reports, making your developers lives easier.

The Benefits of a Bug Report Template

There’s the traditional method of filling out a bug report or feature request form, which is simply opening up a Word doc and typing, then there’s the newer template method. Templates hold a number of benefits because they help you to succinctly organize all your information and keep things consistent. The last thing any developer wants is to struggle finding the information they need to fix coding issues.

How to Write A Good Bug Report

If you want to learn how to write a good bug report or feature request form there are a few simple steps you can take. The first step is to keep the report simple by not trying to do too much. You don’t want to write a long bug report if you don’t need to, so your first objective is to keep information succinct. Next, you should make sure that your report form is not only consistently produced, but that each report has an identifying number to file it properly. Once this is complete, make sure your form is integratabtle with Zendesk to track support tickets when they’re filed.

What Your Report Should Look Like

Consistency is key when it comes to filing out bug report forms for our software. Keep ithis important information in mind while your filing out your bug report form:

  • Whose Submitting the Form
  • Date Bug Was Witnessed
  • Versions of Software
  • Description of Bug
  • Severity of Issue
  • Reproduction Steps
  • Actual Behavior
  • Desired Behavior
  • Troubleshooting Attempts
  • Any Workarounds

When you fill out the above information you’ll be able to help your developers track down the bug, understand how vital the fix is, and fix it in a timely manner so you can keep your software running smoothly.

Why the Framestr Free Bug Report Template?

There are a lot of free things on the internet and typically when you get something free, the quality isn’t very high. This isn’t the case for the Framestr free bug report template however. Framestr makes it easy to report a bug in your software, track bugs, and even assign to a user.

This free bug report template is fully comprehensive and will make the lives of your developers much easier. Why shell out money when you can get the Framestr free bug report template completely for free which has the same level of quality?

Creating bug reports shouldn’t be a complicated matter. It should be easy for people to pull up a template and fill it out so the developers can solve the issue in a timely manner. Make sure you test out the Framestr free bug report template to see if its right for you.

Check out Framestr’s sample Free Bug Report Template:


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