Automate: Connecting Framestr Online Forms to Slack

Publish: April 3, 2017 by framestr

Founded by Stewart Butterfield, Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool. It all began when Tine Speck started working Glitch, an online game. Although the game is defunct now, Slack has fund its use among masses who want to streamline their company’s operations using a single platform to handle and manage all tasks. Interestingly, SLACK is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”.

Slack form integration has become the most efficient and a time saving way to get things done in an organization. All the process workflow can be easily managed with connecting your Framestr Online forms with Slack.

Once you integrate your slack forms and Framestr forms, your Slack team members can begin using it right away. There’s no need to sign-up to you use Slack when integrated with Framestr.

When it comes to the advantages of integrating Framestr with Slack, they are plenty. Let’s take a look at some of them. Read along…

– Whenever a person submits on online form using Framestr integrated with Slack, the concerned Slack channel receives a notification so that all the team members of that particular channel are informed about the same.

– This integration also helps you in collaborating with team member is regards of submitting new forms.

– You can easily send different form notifications to different Slack channels.

Truth being told, given all the amazing options such as online and instantaneous task assignments, real time project monitoring, and everything else around process workflow, automation proves out to be an amazing solution for an organization.

Framestr helps organizations collaborate and collect data. With Slack + Framestr Online Forms integration, stop wasting time on sharing data and start saving the most important investment in any venture: time. Available on the Plus + and higher. Click here to get started.

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