Accident Report Form

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Accident Report Form

The form you have but hope you never have to use, the accident report form, is an integral part of every organization’s safety procedure. In times of accidents on the job or near misses, accident report form templates serves to report what incident has occurred and what caused the incident to happen.

When it comes time for you to fill out an accident report form, you want to make sure you can record all of the most important information. This information can be used as information for doctor’s, for court cases and any grievances filed, and for company record keeping. You’ll be able to record all of these vital details using the Framestr account report form templates.

The Framestr free sample templates start out as a generic accident report form, but can be customized to suit your organization’s needs. Once you create the comprehensive accident report form you’ll be able to publish the form online. The online form can be fully integrated in an online database to keep all of your most important information secure and confidential.

If you’d like a hard copy you’re also able to print the form off. Framestr has a range of useful forms for your workplace, such as the car accident report, workplace accident report form, and service request forms.

Properly Completing An Accident Report Form

Understanding how to properly complete an accident report form is a valuable skill. There are many reasons for completing an accident report, such as covering your bases as an organization to help in legal matters, paying workers compensation, and keeping a track record of incidents among other things. Here are the steps your organization can take to detail an incident.

Step 1: Write down all personal information and contact details.

Step 2: Write down your own personal and contact information.

Step 3: Write down incident details.

Step 4: Write down any injuries.

Step 5: Gather witness accounts.

Step 6: Gather supporting evidence.

Step 7: Write down what caused the incident.

Step 8: Write down how the incident was handled.

Step 9: Write down ideas on how to avoid incident from happening again.

Step 10: Report incident to any person or organization who needs to know.

 When you complete these ten steps you’ll be able to properly complete an accident report. It’s important to never skimp or skip on any of these details when it can be avoided. Fill out the form to your best ability and, if possible, have someone review your form who was a witness of the event to confirm your report for accuracy and clarity.

Useful Workplace Safety Tips

Every workplace should have a set of safety tips in place to avoid an accident occurring. If you’re looking to create a workplace safety policy, here are some useful tips to share with your employee’s to promote keeping the workplace as safe an environment as possible.

Tip #1: Keep correct posture to protect the back.

If you’re working in an environment that often requires lifting of any kind, it’s important to use a correct posture throughout the entire lift. This helps you to avoid straining your back muscles and any other serious injuries. While it’s possible for an injury to still occur during a lift, a proper lift helps to reduce the chances of an injury taking place.

Tip #2: Enjoy regular breaks.

One main cause of work related accidents is an employee being overworked or tired. The mistakes an employee makes while in this state can be costly. Having employee’s take regular breaks will help to ensure they are well-rested and functioning at their full capacity.

Tip #3: Emergency exits should be clearly marked.

In case of a large event, such as a fire, the emergency exits should be clearly marked and clear of any impediments standing in the entrance way which would restrict the flow of foot traffic. It may be useful for your company to have a policy that things within a certain amount of square feet should not be placed down.

Tip #4: Always report unsafe conditions.

If there is an unsafe condition at your organization this should be reported to a manager. If everyone keeps their eye out for something that’s being done in an unsafe manner and reports it, the workplace will become a much safer environment. Having open eyes to pay attention to surroundings is a great skill in an employee.

Tip #5: Reduce workplace stress.

The workplace can be a hectic environment. Reducing stress as much as possible among your employee’s can help your workplace to avoid incidents occurring because people are not focuses enough on their tasks.

When you use Framestr to complete your accident report form, you’ll be able to customize the form to fit your workplaces requirements. The online form is fully integratabtle and can be stored in a centralized online database to ensure security and confidentiality to documents. The database also ensures that files are easy to organize and keep track of.

Check out Framestr’s sample Accident Report Form Template:

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