5 Things You Can Learn About Love from Daytime Chat Shows

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Daytime talk shows are famous—or rather, infamous—for their scandal and appeal to drama, and no topic is better suited to that treatment than romance and relationships. There’s no shortage of advice given by daytime talk show hosts about how to handle romantic partners, emotions and conflicts.

Whether they give good advice like YEAH! Local, or try to stir up trouble, daytime chat shows have a lot to say about the romantic arena. So read along and discover five things you can learn about love from daytime chat shows.

  1. Communicate with your partner 

A communicative relationship is more successful than a closed-off one—at least, that’s what viewers of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ have been told. In late 2015, actress Anna Farris guest starred on DeGeneres’s talk show and had some advice for viewers.

“Just talk about what you want,” Ellen suggested to a couple who wondered how to approach phone sex, finishing Farris’s answer. Although the pair were teasing the on-air couple, the advice is sound. The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is to keep an open line of communication between you and your partner.

By maintaining an honest and open relationship with your partner, you’re able to address each other’s needs and desires without hiding behind unacknowledged suggestions or subtle requests that haven’t translated.

  1. Develop a trusting relationship

A recent episode of the talk show ‘Dr. Phil’ featured a couple who couldn’t trust each other. He attempted to address their problems, which stemmed from insecurities from the wife about her husband’s faithfulness.

The doctor attempted to address the couple’s relationship troubles, but for viewers more interested in real advice over drama, it can be distilled to the following: learn how to trust your partner.

A relationship built on deceit is no relationship at all, but neither is a relationship built on distrust and suspicion. Past wrongs done to you by ex-lovers shouldn’t sully your ability to trust your current partner.

  1. Don’t cheat on your partner

Even if you find yourself craving the drama and attention of becoming a disjointed couple on a talk show, avoid the urge to cheat on your partners. Few people like it, including Jeremy Kyle, who had some nasty words to say to a guest on his show that attempted to slide past a lie detector test after admitting to cheating.

It seems like fairly obvious advice, but with the never-ending supply of guests, and sponsors, on the ‘Jeremy Kyle Show’ to prove otherwise, a reminder seemed in order. Don’t cheat on your partner. Don’t lie about cheating on your partner. Don’t cheat on your partner so much that you end up on a daytime talk show. It’s not worth it.

  1. Don’t be insecure

Raven Symone, co-host of ‘The View’, spoke out about jealousy in relationships during a February episode. “I am not a jealous person,” she said, adding that a partner’s wandering eye wouldn’t set her off. While the hosts proceeded to debate the merits and drawbacks of that attitude, Symone continued to defend her point of view, and she’s right.

A relationship cannot survive with constant distrust on either side; yours will flounder if you make your partner constantly soothe your jealous ways. Your partner is dating you: every conversation they have with someone else is not a potential threat to your relationship, and you shouldn’t see it that way.

  1. Don’t end up on a talk show

The best advice to take away from talk show relationship advice? Don’t be the one they’re giving advice to. You never want to be in a situation where you’re on national television, broadcasting your relationship faults to the world, asking a television host to solve your problems. They’re not interested in solving your problems! They’re interested in ratings!

But really, you don’t need that kind of attention. No relationship survives on that, no romantic feelings survive on that. The moment you find yourself filling out a form for ‘Dr. Phil’ or writing in to ‘The View’ you’ve already lost. Resist the urge.

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